Landscape Maintenance

All year around maintenance schedules are created and planned according to the needs of each specific property. Generally, properties/residences maintained on a weekly basis during the peak season will average from 38 to 42 visits total in a year. Properties/residences that are maintained on a biweekly basis during the peak season will average from 20 to 24 visits total in a year.

Once it’s determined to be a weekly or biweekly schedule, our customers can choose from our standard plan or premium plan.

  • Standard Plan: Mowing, Edging, Debris Blowing, and Raking
  • Premium Plan: Standard Plan Services, plus Flower Bed Maintenance & Shrub Trimming


Over time, the buildup of thatch makes it hard for your turf to breath. Aerating your turf removes some of the thatch build up and reduces soil compaction. When aerating your turf, water can soak the soil and reach the root system better, and this helps to reduce diseases like brown patch.

Aerating creates better access for organic or chemical fertilizers to reach the root system. Oxygen will also be able to reach the grass roots which allow the soil to breathe.


Fresh mulch will always look nice and make any flowerbed stand out but it’s also installed for other several important reasons. Using mulch in flowerbeds limits the amount of weeds that can come up. The mulch is serving as a barrier between sunlight and weed seedlings. Moisture can be retained with mulch, which is beneficial during the hot summer, allowing you to water your flowerbeds less frequently. Mulch also helps with soil erosion by blocking the rain which prevents the soil from washing away. It also will prevent any nutrients from being washed away.

Irrigation Services

We check-ups to make sure that all heads and nozzles on your irrigation system are spraying correctly, clean, and in the appropriate pattern. In the event that there’s a repair needed, we assist you with the repair and provide a check-up at the same time to prevent other system failures. We also provide free estimates on new system installations after a walkthrough of the property residence.

Tree Care

Every couple of years it’s recommended to trim or prune your trees to promote new healthy growth. When trees are to close to your residence you may want to consider trimming your trees to prevent damage to your roof or simply to prevent rodent access to your property/residence. If the canopy of you trees is to low, you may also consider lifting it to avoid any accidents.

Spring Clean-Ups

Our clean-up service consists of cleaning out all leaves, trimming all shrubbery, touching up the turf, and anything else that needs attention to get the landscape ready for the spring.

Our job is completed when your landscape is clean.

trimming tree bud
planting tree
trimming bushes
lawn mower

Additional Lawn Care Services

Landscape Masonry

Ranchers Fencing & Landscaping provides masonry services, including borders around your garden beds, retaining walls, and flagstone patios & walkways.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is the best way to add curb appeal to your property/residence. If you’re trying show off a pathway, patio, trees, flowerbeds, or simply your property/residence, lighting is the way to go. Our custom landscape lighting is intended to show off your landscape and create a showcase.

Flowerbed Color

Depending on the time of year and the inventory of local nurseries, we can install annuals/perennials to bring out color to flowerbeds.

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