The Professional Lawn Maintenance Company in the Austin Area

Rancher’s Fencing & Landscaping provides complete lawn and landscape maintenance plans that includes everything from mowing and trimming to bed cleanups and shrub trimming.

Throughout the year, maintenance schedules are created and planned according to the needs of specific properties. Generally, properties maintained on a weekly basis during the peak season will average from 38 to 42 visits total in a year, while properties that are maintained on a biweekly basis during the peak season will average from 20 to 24 visits total in a year.

Once our customers determine if they are on a weekly or biweekly schedule, they can choose from our standard plan or premium plan.

  • Standard Plan: Mowing, Edging, Debris Blowing, and Raking
  • Premium Plan: Standard Plan Services plus Flower Bed Maintenance & Shrub Trimming

Other Lawn Care Services We Offer

If you’re looking for a company to take care of your lawn from top to bottom, Rancher’s is your team. We provide everything from fertilization & weed control to landscape cleanup and aeration.

Professional Lawn Edging in Corpus Christi, TX

Rancher’s Fencing & Landscaping provides the Greater North Austin area the most robust lawn fertilization plan with our 8-step treatment plan. It’s even complete a winter, liquid aeration application along with a humic acid treatment to boost healthy microbial activity.

Over time, the buildup of thatch makes it hard for your turf to breathe. Aerating your turf removes some of the thatch buildup and reduces soil compaction. When aerating your turf, water can soak the soil and reach the root system better, helping to reduce diseases like brown patch. Aerating also creates better access for fertilizers and oxygen to reach the root system.

With our tree and lawn pest control, your greenery will be protected from invasive pests such as Japanese beetles, chinch bugs, spiders, and much more. Our lawn pest control services also include preventatives for fire ants, grub worms, armyworms, ticks, and even fleas!

Improve the Look of Your Home’s Yard Today

Let Ranchers Fencing & Landscaping transform your property with our lawn care and landscaping services. Our commitment to quality has been our way of life for over 10 years as we work to ensure that our clients in the Austin area enjoy a beautiful yard.