Backyard wooden fence with steel posts

What Types Does Ranchers Fencing & Landscaping Install?

Ranchers Fencing & Landscaping specializes in wooden fences for residential and commercial use. We focus our selection so we can provide fencing crafted with care and expertise.

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Full Fence Installation

Residential Wood Fences

Wooden privacy fence installation is our most requested service because of their clean presentation and unmatched security. Wood fences provide:

Porous wood has pockets that trap air inside the fence post’s structure. The fence helps minimize air flow during the winter and allows cool breezes in the summer.

Wooden fences reach heights that limit visibility and help keep your valuables safe.

Naturally dense and rigid wood resists weather, pests, and intruders.

Wood Fence Vertical Planks

Long-lasting, customizable, and stainable wooden fencing is the ultimate choice for protection against the elements and privacy in your neighborhood.

Close up section of wrought iron fence

Commercial Fences

We build and repair wooden privacy fences for businesses in the Austin area.

The type of commercial fence that surrounds your business depends on the needs of your company. Special considerations for commercial fencing include:

  • Security Needs
  • Valuable Property Protection
  • Business Visibility

A strong, gated fence can help you control access to your business and keep vital information from your competition. You can also keep your company’s valuable goods safe behind a solid commercial fence.

If your storefront is especially visible, commercial fences can enhance your business’s curb appeal. Wooden commercial fences give your business a residential feel while offering greater privacy.

What Else Can Ranchers Fencing & Landscaping Do For Fences?

Wooden gated fence


Gates add value and practicality to your fence. We install and repair gates for wooden privacy fences for homes and businesses.

A gate’s material can differ depending on your needs. For privacy and weather resistance, choose a wooden gate.


Having trouble with your fence? Whether you have a small maintenance issue or need a huge repair, we can help you out!

Fences need repairs for things like:

  • Everyday Wear and Tear
  • Weather Damage
  • Vehicular and Household Accidents
Repairing a fence with a screwdriver

We perform repairs on wood fences and gates. Before deciding to install a new fence, check with one of our expert fence repair technicians to see if we can salvage your fence.

Having trouble with your fence? Whether you have a small maintenance issue or need a huge repair, we can help you out! Fill out the form to start the process.