Professional Lawn Aeration in the Northern Austin Area

With the Texas heat, it’s relatively easy for the soil in our lawns to try up. When this happens, grass roots struggle to grow and collect more nutrients. The soil becomes more condensed and when it becomes condensed it’s grass can’t grow. You might notice it start to thin.

To counteract this, the soil needs to be loosened up. We do this through a process called aeration.

Typically, companies will core aerate, leaving soil plugs throughout the lawn. At Rancher’s we use a liquid aeration compound twice a year, in January or February and again in November or December.

Our N-Ext Air-8™ applications loosen hardened soil evenly as it’s applied throughout your entire lawn.

Other Lawn Care Services We Offer

We’re not a lawn care company that just does fertilization and weed control. We take care of your lawn with everything from routine lawn and landscape maintenance to aeration and tree care.

We provide complete lawn maintenance plans that cover everything from lawn mowing and trimming to shrub pruning and trimming. Depending on the plan you’re looking for, we even offer bed cleanup. Additionally, choose from a weekly or bi-weekly maintenance plan.

Professional Lawn Edging in Corpus Christi, TX

Rancher’s Fencing & Landscaping provides the Greater North Austin area the most robust lawn fertilization plan with our 8-step treatment plan. It’s even complete a winter, liquid aeration application along with a humic acid treatment to boost healthy microbial activity.

With our tree and lawn pest control, your greenery will be protected from invasive pests such as Japanese beetles, chinch bugs, spiders, and much more. Our lawn pest control services also include preventatives for fire ants, grub worms, armyworms, ticks, and even fleas!

Improve the Look of Your Home’s Yard Today

Let Ranchers Fencing & Landscaping transform your property with our lawn care and landscaping services. Our commitment to quality has been our way of life for over 10 years as we work to ensure that our clients in the Austin area enjoy a beautiful yard.